Lakeland Log and Timber Works

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Lakeland Log and Timber Works
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Centrally located in the boreal forests of Northern Saskatchewan, we are surrounded by sky-reaching trees. This region is known for its towering white spruce, which means Lakeland has our own supply of the best building logs in the province, and in the world. These trees are perfect for building, short growing seasons strengthening the tight rings that enrich the aesthetic as well as structural integrity. We also keep a great supply of pine, cedar, and fir, and choose the wood that’s right for your project. Surrounded by lakes and forests, walking with bear, moose and deer, Lakeland’s location is truly where work is a natural state of mind.

Since our inception, we have had the vision of building communities through sustainability. Our log homes are our most well-known product, but we build so much more. Our hands and our hearts go into each project, whether that’s a log cabin, timber products, or anything else. From cozy cabins to modern homes and businesses, we put our mark and mother nature’s touch in all that we do.


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