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Pro Surfaces
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  Pro Surfaces provides waterproof, seamless deck, patio, front step and driveway coatings that last for decades. We pride ourselves in only using the longest lasting and most durable products on the market. People take relief in knowing that they can rely on our service and always trust us to do the best work possible.

   Our main product is a polyurethane rubber deck-coating. Mixed with water and troweled on by hand, it is not a spray-on or roll-on product. It self-levels over any surface, leaving the surface waterproof and entirely seamless. The two final layers of your chosen paint flake and a final clear-coat add further protection and grip with an added aesthetic bonus you will enjoy for decades. This can be applied over untreated plywood, concrete, stone, old deck coatings and more.

  Our mission is to provide a stellar service that we can be proud of, and are only satisfied when the customer is satisfied.

  We've got you covered.


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T. (306)891-1000

150-3919 Arthur Rose Ave.
Saskatoon, SK

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